5 reasons, why it is convenient to use the cloud platform in your IoT projects

1. Cloud

First of all, the advantage of the platform is that you do not need to bother with configuring the software, installing it, preparing servers and maintaining the infrastructure. The cloud solution eliminates these time and resource costs. You just set the hardware to the required address and port, and start working.

2. Fast Hardware Connection

It does not matter what hardware you connect to the platform, whether it is industrial equipment (for example, based on the Modbus protocol) or prototyping boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.). The connection process itself is uniform and will not take you more than 10 minutes.

3. Scenario Design System

In addition, the platform allows you to automate the processes associated with the device and determine the logic of the behavior of the object using the Logic graphical editor. The editor is based on the idea of ​ ​presenting any process in the form of a flowchart containing states and transitions between them, based on the principle of state machines.

Moreover, when designing IoT cases, it often becomes necessary to use several physically separated devices in the form of a single system. The Logic tool can also solve this problem. It allows you to design a common automation scenario for a group of devices. Therefore, it is possible to use events occurring on one device to control another device without writing an additional code.

4. Importing and Exporting Features

All entities in the platform are JSON files. This format allows you to organize a convenient data exchange. Due to the ability to import/export models, objects and machines, it is easy to share your achievements or use the ready-made solutions of other users.

5. Full-functional api

All functions of the system are also available through rest api. Asynchronous data acquisition is possible based on websockets technology.

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