Rightech IoT — public cloud

We are pleased to announce the opening of public access to our Rightech IoT Cloud platform. At the same time, we announce the start of alpha testing and invite everyone to test our product.

The purpose of this test is to prepare the platform for public access. Licenses for all test participants are free.

Our platform of the Internet of Things is the most convenient software for developers, allowing you to connect almost any hardware and remotely control devices, create automation scripts of any complexity in a graphical editor. Read more about the platform here.

How to get an account for the test?

You will get an access to our «sandbox» that is, the version of the system deployed on test servers. We use it for debugging release candidates and for implementation pilot projects. Therefore, please calmly respond to flaws, and even better — report them to our telegram bot.

Steps for getting an account

  1. Sign in with Google or GitHub
  2. Refer to Telegram-bot @RightechBot, which will give you an account

Ways of fixing bugs:

  1. Use GitHub, link to project—
  2. Refer to Telegram-bot @RightechBot. Use the command /setbug, and the bug will be automatically added to our accounting systems.

Most of you will need tokens to access the API. You can generate them by following the link:

Just in case, we duplicate information for participants:

  1. Telegram-bot for quick registration on alpha test @RightechBot
  2. Alternative to bot, old-school email
  3. The web interface of the platform is available at
  4. Documentation is here
  5. You can connect to the MQTT broker by these coordinates
  • mqtt:// или
  • mqtts:// (в случае использования TLS)
  1. Screencast on the platform (this version of the platform is kind of old, but it contains general principles)

We got some questions about LoraWAN and ZigBee — below links to projects in GitHub. This is the middleware for connecting via MQTT:

We are happy to answer all your questions.

Enjoy the experience of using the platform!