About Platform

The platform is a framework for developers. It can be used as a complete solution for specific projects. But the best choice would be to work with one of the many application solutions created using this framework. This will automate various activities using a single technology platform.

The idea of the product is to create a cloud-based IoT platform, which is an intermediate link between devices (sensors, actuators, etc.) on the one hand, and applications on the other.

Rightech IoT is a cloud-based platform for the Internet of Things, serving as a link in the development of an IoT solution.

It provides all the necessary software complex, allowing programmers of any level to create IoT applications using any IoT devices without the need to create the corresponding hardware and software infrastructure. Exploring approaches to the development of information systems, we try to use them as a platform tool and make it convenient for case developers. The product is also focuses on small and medium businesses, which has the resource for the development of IoT applications, but without the necessary competences to create their own platform for the Internet of Things.

According to IDC analysts, the global market of the Internet of Things will amount more than one trillion dollars by 2020, of which Russian will account for 9 billion. The target areas where we expect the maximum number of requests for the platform are: transport segment, smart city, smart home and smart agriculture.

The IoT market is represented by young companies and giants who have entered it, owning business in related areas. Most of them provide their customers with computing infrastructure (servers, data warehouses, networks, operating systems) for deploying and launching their own software solutions (IaaS, «infrastructure as a service»). There are also companies that provide a set of tools and services that facilitate the development and deployment of cloud applications (PaaS, «platform as a service»).

We also provide our customers with applications running in the cloud, access to which all categories of users receive through the web (SaaS, software as a service). This approach allows the service consumer not to think about the costs associated with installing, updating and maintaining the hardware and software. At the same time, the RIC cloud is a hybrid, which means that it can be used as a private or as a public one. The first option is suitable for internal projects that the client prefers to deploy on their own resources. The second one is preferred for small projects.

The platform is positioned as an application enablement platform (AEP), and therefore is an optimized middleware core that allows you to create a set of solutions for IoT clients. This obliges us, as an AEP solution provider, to provide developers with a complete set of development tools, both for working with external devices using various protocols, as well as with any external API services: resources with manuals, instructions and descriptions. Such a market position allows us to form a network of application developers, partners and system integrators who create their own IoT applications based on the platform for their clients.

The core in the form of a platform allows them to develop business logic using high-level concepts, without need to writing a code, and focus on the functionality of the IoT application, rather than on technical aspects. AEP links devices and IoT applications, providing data that allows industrial enterprises to carry out applied tasks, such as maintenance and repair, production automation, asset logistics, monitoring, and many other.

Our advantages Why Rightech IoT Cloud?

  • Any protocol

    We will help you to get rid of technological dependence. We create solutions based on devices with various data transfer protocols or connect new ones to existing devices without changing the software and logic of the solution.

  • Flexible business logic

    You can create any business logic in the built-in graphic editor and change it by yourself any time. Ana this is without knowledge of programming languages.

  • Scalability

    You can connect any quantity of different devices or projects around the world to RIC and quickly scale your business.

  • Any integrations

    The platform allows you to integrate with any external services, ERP, CRM-systems, payment services and third-party applications.

Startups and small businesses

can use the platform to improve business efficiency due to lower development costs and the quick implementation of new business models. Our clients have created many projects in the field of sharing economy. These are services for providing cars for rent, external batteries and even apartments. We are always open for cooperation and implementation of joint projects.


can get an access to the platform and independently connect their device to the public cloud. We have created a series of instructions for self-connection. Guides about the connection devices such as Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU with protocols MQTT, CoAP are ready at the moment. If you want to connect devices with other protocols, write to us.

System integrators

can combine their solutions based on the platform, integrate them with external services, creating a single integrated system of automation, management and monitoring applicable for any industry.

Industry companies

can use the platform as a private cloud for the implementation of iot-projects within companies. At any stage of the project we will connect equipment with different protocols from different manufacturers and put it together into a single monitoring and control window. We have already implemented several solutions for production and extractive companies.