How did Rightech IoT appear?

Today, the Internet of Things is making great progress in our daily life. We purchase smart gadgets, synchronize their readings with mobile devices, use cloud storage for information. There are lots of such examples. A similar process affects various sectors of the economy — from services to production: smart meters of utility resources, gathering information about the technical condition of vehicles, dispatching equipment and production lines, and much more.

Go back a little further. We started with performing a number of hardware developments related to the implementation of automated measurement systems, connected sensors and actuators to microcontrollers, implemented exchange protocols and primary processing of data. After a while, the team noticed the common between all projects. We wrote in different programming languages, we worked with different equipment, but we built the identical architecture of the solution.

At some point, we came to the conclusion that it is possible to create a universal platform that will allow you to go straight to developing the system interface.

As a result, we made the decision to create a universal framework. Our decision was also influenced by the interests of our customers. Managers and business owners are usually interested in creating final user cases and often they don’t go deep into the mechanism of the system. To successfully complete the task, we needed to focus more on the development of user scripts and interfaces, because it is they that carry the main business value of the system. At the same time, 90% of development costs are concentrated in the internal systems of the project.

The initial idea of the RIC platform is transforming and changing with the market and finding more fields of applications.

The framework allows you to focus on the processes of creating the value of the system, implementing the conceived business logic and promoting the product to the market.

Any IT project can take everything needed in the platform and implement its unique system for processing and presenting the received data without programming.

Using the RIC platform, problems of communicating with sensors and actuators, ensuring information security, choosing programming take second place, while providing high-quality service for reading, transmitting, storing and processing data, allowing developers to quickly create and bring their Internet of Things product to market.