Business opportunities

The business opportunities of the Rightech IoT Cloud platform correspond to the categories of tasks that it allows to solve for business. We will look at specific examples of tasks from each category below, and now we will briefly list the categories of business opportunities.

Firstly, it is the disposal of assets. Idling assets are no longer useful. By such assets are meant objects that are able to generate income for their owner, but for a number of reasons, this doesn’t happen. In order to make profitable use of assets before the expiration of their life, you can use the platform to solve problems leading to downtime assets. For example, allowing the use of an asset to other users. At the same time, the platform allows both to realize the system of asset distribution between users, and to monitor the parameters responsible for the effective operation of the asset (fuel level, aggregate temperature, battery charge level and others).

Secondly, increased security. In this context, it is implied that by using the platform, the security of objects, data, and people’s lives can be increased.

Thirdly, automation of processes. All processes can be automated using the Rightech IoT Cloud cloud platform when implementing business logic . Automation of processes involves the creation of an autonomous system that can perform certain actions on specified patterns. Each template defines the logic of the device. Depending on what situation occurred, what condition for the implementation of an action was fulfilled, the logic of the device operation is implemented. Since all processes are automated, their implementation is quite fast. It doesn’t require constant and careful control by the user of the device. With the help of special equipment on the basis of the created template, certain processes are implemented.

It should be noted that the patterns of logic behavior of the device can be created by the user without writing code. Knowledge of programming languages and their possession is not necessary when creating a script. The definition of the logic of the device is implemented using a convenient and easy-to-use graphical interface. As a result, any user can set and change logic.

The next category of business opportunities which is necessary to highlight is the lower threshold for entry into the industry. When an entrepreneur decides to open a new business in any field, he needs to do the following: conduct market research; explore the infrastructure; find suitable professionals working at the appropriate high level; select and purchase the necessary equipment for employees; possibly, to develop and launch an application through which customers will be able to use these business services; and many others.

Overcoming these difficulties requires the expenditure of resources. The Rightech IoT Cloud platform helps solve these problems. By connecting devices to the platform, the equipment is integrated, the behavior logic of the connected devices is set. Data from devices can be transferred to a developed, external application. So, the cloud platform offers a ready solution that saves most of the time and financial resources when starting and launching a business.

The final category of business opportunities is the creation of cases. The Rightech IoT Cloud platform can be aimed at mass use as an application for solving various cases. It is very flexible, scalable, provides a number of opportunities to work with a huge number of objects and people. Using the platform to define business logic becomes much easier. So, it is easier to monitor and control any actions. There is no need to send a command to an object all the time, with a clearly defined pattern of business logic, an object can independently respond to a particular situation.

Let’s turn to specific examples of the application of a particular category.

A striking illustration of the disposal of assets is the following example. On the parking there are several cars belonging to the same owner. They are able to bring profit and benefit, however, this doesn’t happen due to the lack of a budget for maintaining a staff of drivers. As a result, there may be a situation when cars aren’t used for a long time – their quality deteriorates and the content of these cars brings losses instead of income.

However, if you embed a terminal with sensors and the necessary interface in each car (in other words, make it “smart”), then connect all terminals to the cloud platform — in this way, you can implement carsharing services. This type of service involves renting a car for a short period of time (several hours), paid for by taking into account the distance and the length of the rental period. So, the Rightech IoT Cloud platform provides and helps to implement possible options for disposal of assets, increase profits and reduce costs.

To the security of objects we include protection of the vehicle from theft. If you put sensors on the car that will detect opening the hood, opening the door or starting to move while the car is in security mode. Sensors will be able to identify these actions as theft. In this case, the owner of the car will be sent a notification of the theft. In addition, the fuel pump will lock automatically. Sensors can be configured in such a way that the device will be able to recognize whether the hijacking is performed by opening the lock or a trailer. In particular, the system will be able to determine when the car will be taken by the tow truck.

Increased data security is provided by encrypting the stream of data. The platform uses encrypted transport mechanisms that provide reliable data protection. If an attacker wants to hack the carsharing system and gain access to all the cars of a carsharing company, the encryption algorithms which is built into the platform will help prevent this, and data interception won’t occur.

The opportunities of the Rightech IoT Cloud platform can also be used to improve the security of a person’s life. An example would be the use of the platform tools in production. Each employee can be equipped with a special set of equipment that collects data on its current state. Employee health indicators – his heart rate, pressure, pulse, and more. With the help of this equipment, positioning and tracking of employees on the territory of the enterprise can be carried out up to each floor of the building in which the enterprise is located. The introduction and use of this kind of equipment will help to control the labor discipline of employees, verify their location, learn about their health and make decisions that increase safety and efficiency of labor.

There are a huge number of examples of using the opportunities of the automation of the processes as it is used everywhere. For example, special sensors may be installed in the house that can read the geolocation of the homeowner. If the sensors determine that the homeowner is coming to the house, a command can be automatically sent to unlock the lock on the door, and at that moment when the user is already at home, the TV can be turned on.

In the industry, examples of automation of processes are even greater – automatic control of the temperature of a blast furnace or a painting chamber, maintaining the set speeds of a machine shaft using installed sensors, automatic control of the length or width of the product being manufactured, and much more.

The possibility of reducing the entry threshold to the industry can be seen in the example of launching a specific project using a platform that is carried out several times faster. The average time for launching an IoT-case on its own is 1.5 years, and using the IT platform it is 3 months. To use the platform you doesn’t need to have knowledge of programming languages. Business processes can be monitored and modified using a graphical editor. The cost of the project is reduced by reducing the number of employees required to create, implement and support their own iot-solution or the implementation of the IaaS platform.

The advantages of the cloud platform Rightech IoT Cloud for creating cases can be successfully used during the IoT hackathon.

The platform combines various business opportunities for different target audiences. For startups, small and mid-businesses, we offer a subscription fee for connected devices or we offer a joint business creation strategy, where we take on the entire IT part – from connecting devices to applications. For large industry companies, we can work both in the same subscription fee format and offer an unlimited platform license to create their own internal or external projects.

We also introduced a classification of the business capabilities of the platform using business models.