№1 Creation of an object

1) Entrance to the platform 

Follow the entrance link to the platform sandbox.rightech.io.

Select the authorization method “Through GitHub”.

To create a device model, go to the “Models” section and select MQTT.

Fill in the field “Name”

Click “Create.”

3) Forming of model

Leave default parameters without change: Temperature, Humidity, Latitude, Longitude. Pay attention to the “Source” field, it indicates the MQTT topic by which the parameter values will be taken.

4) Adding of an object

Next, create an object that will represent our device.

Go to the Objects section.

Click the plus sign and start filling in the parameters.

You must specify a previously created model.

We have generated an identifier and a name for your device, you can change them if you wish.

The name of the object will be displayed in the interface of the objects and will distinguish one object from another.

You can also specify username and password to authenticate the device using MQTT.

Click «Save».

In this way, you have added and configured a new object, however, data hasn’t been received from your device yet.

Data won’t be sent and displayed until the equipment is configured on a cloud platform.

5) Connection of the client

For demonstration the connection of an object to the platform we will use the MQTT client of “mosquitto”.

Send data on temperature, humidity and coordinates.

$ mosquitto_pub -h sandbox.rightech.io

You can see the emergence of data in the platform.

By clicking on the parameter you can see the diagram of its change.

Additionally, the history of all packages is saved.

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