Automation script execution

For starting the scenario of automation, one or several objects should be assigned to the scenario. The objects are launched in the “Objects” tab. There can be opened the full list of created objects any form which can be assigned to the current final state machine. If necessary, by using special buttons, there may be chosen all objects or no one.

After the objects have been launched, they appear in this tab and are displayed as a list. In the current menu, the script can be started or stopped on all three objects together. The starting of the automation script is indicated trough the green line displaying under every object.


However, it is able to view the binding of the script to the objects not only in the “Logic” menu. When switching to the “Objects” menu, in the “Automatons” tab, there is able to view a list of all final state machines that have been assigned to the current object or assign them to the new ones. Furthermore, the user can manage the processes of starting and stopping of the automation script at any time, remove it if desiring or just view its structure.

If the script was created, saved and launched, and then rebuilt and saved again, then in this case it is imperative to restart it, because otherwise the system will execute the old version of the machine.