Data processing

The platform functionality allows implementing control and monitoring the current values of object parameters registered by its sensors. All data received from the device are saved on the platform – they are available for research and study at any moment. However, there is often a lack of some additional, significant indexes in the process of data analysis. Sometimes collected data are not enough to conduct detailed analysis and to approve a precise, objective assessment. Accordingly, there appears a necessity in transforming data. By contrast, there may be cases when data packets were received with redundant or incorrect information which should be filtered. In such conditions, pre-processing and internal data enrichment are often required.

The data enrichment itself assumes the extraction of more information amount, more useful content from the obtained data. The enrichment allows increasing the informational value and the data significance, extracting new parameter values, based on the first ones. This result is achieved by using data handling.

In the platform architecture, the separate layer exists that allows realizing the above processes. In this case, handlers and chains of the data processing act as the software for the information processing system. Every handler represents a source code developed in the JavaScript language version ES6 by using which the algorithm embedded in this code is implemented. The source code is developed directly by the user that provides a possibility to consider all aspects by the data handling. It is worth to note that the built-in-modules, can be loaded in a handler. They provide additional capabilities for data processing.

The data processing chains are formed from a sequence of handlers. Since the one created handler may be started individually, it has the sense to create a chain when it is necessary to start several handlers consequently, one by one, realizing their functions in the form of a single algorithm.

Handlers and chains can be applied for achieving various goals. Data may be processed in a such way that, for example, it is possible to calculate the average fuel consumption per hour, the distance passed by the vehicle, to translate one unit of measurement of some value into another one, to filter data packets discarding redundant information and leaving the most important one, etc. Any such process can be realized in a handler as a certain algorithm and then started.

It is worth noting that the handlers and the chains allow implementing exactly internal data enrichment because for extracting the new information only such data is used that was acquired from sensors. No additional external sources are involved.

So, in this way, processing and enrichment of the data received from the connected device are performed. It allows you to extract the new information and conduct the precise data analysis.