For creating a new handler, it is necessary to move to the “Handlers” menu.

The working area is located in the menu center. There occurs creating the algorithm (the code development), the object selection, establishing the accordance between variables written in source code, the handler starts and stops. The list of all available for the user, created earlier handlers is opened in the main menu bar located on the left. A name, a description, and a current status are listed for every handler. The “Invalid” status is displayed if the algorithm embedded in the handler is in the process of developing, and the “Ready” status is displayed if for the current handler some object was chosen which it should be executed.

In the working area, a particular ready template is initially provided to the user. It is not strict and is shown only as a clear example of how the handler can be realized.

Fast design of complex automation scenarios
The platform uses a convenient graphical script editor that is accessible to any user level and doesn’t require writing a single line of code. The hardware capabilities of the devices can be expanded with virtual functions, events of external applications, or indirect measurements, which allows you to describe arbitrarily complex scenarios of system behavior.