The readers are encouraged to study this instruction at the same time by viewing the Rightech IoT Cloud platform interface. The reviewing of some sections will be more effective by referencing to the section “Examples” because most of the aspects will be clear in the application context.

Rightech IoT Cloud platform solves a complex of main issues of your IoT project which provide the base for more quick and effective front-end development and also expand the grade of freedom in the system designing significantly:

Connection of devices with different protocols
The choice of hardware for the project realization is not limited by one producer, protocol, or data network. Diverse devices may take part in universal business logic execution.

Quick designing of complex scenarios of automation
The convenient graphical redactor of scenarios is applied in the platform. It is approachable to any user level and does not require to write code. The hardware possibilities of devices can be expanded by virtual functions, external application events, or indirect measures which allows describing sophisticated scenarios of any complexity.

Data saving and processing
The platform allows realizing the stream processing of large data amounts with a high speed for tasks of the operative control, the assurance of data reliability with the capability to change a depth of storage for each device.

Dynamic scalability
The system includes automatic scalability of services depending on the devices number and the load created by them.

There is the flexible system of user rights differentiation and the data encryption on all types of connections with using the most advanced algorithms which allow conforming high requirements to IoT systems safety.

User interface and integration with external services
The platform provides the configurable web-application for your system state monitoring in real-time, the management of the scenario, and the administration of users. Besides that, the Rightech IoT Cloud can transfer the data via WebSocket and RESTful API for integration between your IoT system modules or external CRM and ERP systems.