Adding a device

Adding a model makes sense to consider in the context of a specific model, since the set of parameters of a new device is determined by the selected model.

The process of adding devices is described in the “Examples” section:

Device configuration

To connect a device to the platform, you must use the configurator program (for each type of device it is supplied by the equipment developers) or in other ways described in the device manual, change the server address and port to the Rightech IoT Cloud address that corresponds to the equipment protocol

Device management

After creating a new device, you must assign a previously created model to it.

After adding a control object and assigning a model, it becomes possible to manage the control object in three main ways:

  • manually by sending commands through the platform interface;
  • automatically from third-party systems through API;
  • using automation scripts.

In this case, work will be carried out with already normalized data and structures corresponding to the model.