Communication protocols

Communication protocol is the agreement set of the logic level interface which establish the format of data change between different devices. These agreements specify a universal method of message transmission and error handling when software interacts with a network of devices connected by one or another interface.

For implementing the process of connecting the device to the platform, the protocol bridge is realized in the system. Its primary assignment consists in the assurance of two-way communication between the platform and the devices networks. This allows standardizing (to normalize) the data which is coming from external systems and devices to the platform. The other services of the platform and the external systems may consume both raw and normalized data in such away.

To connect the device to the RIC platform, the device must specify host and the port corresponding to the protocol used.

At the current moment, the following protocols are realized in the platform.

1) The transport telematics:

Protocol Port Status Comments
WialonIPS 1.120332 Realized
WialonIPS 2.020332 Realized
WialonCombine20333 Realized
WialonRetranslator20163 Realized
Galileosky20268 Realized
Teltonika21451 Realized
MTA8000e7000 Realized
MTA6CAN7000 Realized
SIGNAL 6.04000 Realized
Navis7002On request

2) Others:

Protocol Port StatusComments
MQTT1883 Realized MQTT Version 3.1.1
Secure MQTT8883 Realized MQTT Version 3.1.1
PowerbankBox8088 Realized
Pocketpower8036 Realized
Modbus20502 Testing
KNX3671 On request
EGTS*Not allocated On request

EGTS* provides the possibility of data retranslation by EGTS protocol to the external services, in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated July 31, 2012 No. 285.

If the necessity in using protocols not realized in the platform has appeared, we will have to require the protocol documentation for its adding. This process in the middle takes place from one to two weeks. It is necessary to send the request on adding the protocol to our email address