Geofences are limited areas or lines on a geographical map of the Earth. By using the geofences, it is possible to monitor the movement of objects in a designated area, to enter or leave the geofence, to deviate from the route, etc.

The geofences can be represented in the form of:

The geofences can be applied in designing automation scenarios when appropriate external software modules are connected to the model. Events, the generation of which the geofences are used, can be “Geofence enter”, “Geofence leave” or “Deviation from the route”. These events may be used for the creation of more complex combined events.

When the new geofence is created, it is necessary to build the geofence itself initially in the working area of the Geofences menu, next, to enter the information about an entity. It can be a name, a description, tags, and a color of the geofence.