The joint project at RIC

In this article, we will tell you what the project is, what capabilities the project owner has, how to manage the rights of all participants, and what the project looks like from the side of the invited user.

The project is the place where the IoT case is created. This is a separate space that contains custom models, objects, automatons, and other platform entities associated with your specific IoT project. The projects are isolated and don’t cross with each other. In addition, a project is a convenient tool for the joint creation of an IoT solution, since other users can be invited to it. Individual roles can be set for different users, determine the capabilities available to them – from creating and editing objects to sending commands (more on this in the section’s role and command).

Project creation

To create a new project, you need to go to the project management menu (through your personal account or by clicking on the button in the project selection menu).

Project creation:

Users can switch between their projects.

Switching between projects:

Project administration

The project owner determines the level of rights of the invited participants. The owner (project administrator) fully manages the team: invites and excludes users, defines the roles of the participants.


There are two ways to invite a person to a project. In both cases, it is necessary to determine the role with which the user will participate in the project.

2 ways to invite to the project:

  1. Sending a link to the user’s e-mail. In this case, a letter will be sent to his mail with a link to accept the invitation.

IMPORTANT: This link only works for the e-mail listed in the invitation. If the recipient of the letter doesn’t have a Rightech account, in order to accept the invitation, he must register in the platform with this e-mail address. Links of this type will expire in 24 hours. You will not be able to join the project with another account.

2. Create a universal link using the “Create Link” button. In this case, any user registered in the platform will be able to join the project using this link. Links of this type work until they are withdrawn by the administrator and the limit of users of the project is exhausted.

The Team section contains a list of project users, their roles and the status of sent invitations. The project owner can exclude users from the project, change their role, and resend the invitation if necessary.


In order to invite users, you need to select the role with which they will join the project. By default, a maximum-privileged role for managing objects is available, but you can create other roles with any set of available functionality. Project management functions (project editing, inviting new users, operations related to subscription payments, etc.) are now available only to the project owner.

Role editor:

Project tariffication

The license is linked to the project. It configures the parameters that will be applied to it.
Each user can create two projects for free.

Type of limitationValue
Number of objects10
Maximum packet size, bytes256
Packets per day from one object1440 (~1/min)
The number of automatons launched on the object2
The number of handlers launched on the object1
Storage Size, MB10

The platform now has tools for sharing projects. Users can join the project together, contribute to the development of the project, and also participate in team development.

Create your IoT project with Rightech IoT Cloud now 🙂

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