RIC Alpha Testing opened

June 2019


Opened alpha - testing

We are pleased to inform that in preparation for the establishment of a public version of the Rightech IoT Cloud, we start to give out accounts for alpha testing.


It means that you have the opportunity “to look under the hood” of the domestic IoT platform, which is an universal framework for creating IoT applications. It allows you to integrate devices using different data transmission protocols into a single business process: without writing an extra code.


For what?

The purpose of this test is to prepare the platform for public launch. Bear with us to existing gaps at the moment - we are actively working to resolve them.


How to log in?

To get an access to our (sandbox) RIC platform (version of the system, deployed in test servers) use Google or GitHub authentication here.


How to fix bugs?

Use GitHub, or use the Telegram-bot @Rightech_Bot, sending the command / setbug - the bug will be automatically added to our accounting systems. If you need access to the API, tokens can be generated here.


What do you get from that?

All participants are provided with free licenses. The most active participants will get our merch and especially outstanding participants will be awarded with bonuses, but all information about this bonuses we will keep in secret.



We are happy to answer any questions.

We wish you a positive experience from using the platform.



Just in case, we duplicate information for participants:

  1. The bot's telegram address for quick registration on alpha test: @Rightech_Bot
  2. The alternative to bot is an old school variant - email: alpha@rightech.io
  3. The web interface of the platform is available at https://sandbox.rightech.io
  4. Documentation: https://rightech.io/docs
  5. You can connect to the MQTT broker by these coordinates

          - mqtt://sandbox.rightech.io:1883 or

          - mqtts://sandbox.rightech.io:8883 (in case of using TLS)

       6) The screencast on the platform on our YouTube channel (the platform version is an oldish but general principles are the same)


There were questions about LoraWAN and ZigBee, below you can find links to projects in GitHub. This is middleware for connecting via mqtt:


       - zigbee2mqtt: https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt


       - loraserver: https://github.com/brocaar/loraserver


Just do IoT!