Rightech IoT Cloud v2.5

September 03, 2021

We are glad to present to you the next release of Rightech IoT Cloud. In this update, we have made a number of changes that will make it more convenient and variable to work with the main parts of the platform: models, automatons, handlers.

Main changes in the platform :

auto-fill model – mode for adding new parameters to the model;
commands with substitutions – configurable command parameters before sending;
navigation through handler errors – an error that occurs during the processing of the handler is recorded in the package history as a link, by clicking on which you can go to the handler code to the line that caused the error;
handler work status – a new status “no parameters selected”, which indicates the need to correlate the input and output parameters of the handler with the corresponding nodes of the model;
automatons interface – minimap, comparison of parameters in conditions, search by the list of model parameters;
notable changes – list of minor fixes and improvements in the platform.


Autofill the model

A new mode for working with an object allows you to automatically add new parameters to the device model. This allows you to simplify the process of creating a model, especially with a large number of parameters passed.

The mode starts for 60 minutes. After enabling it, all new parameters are displayed in a table where the user can choose which of them should be added to the model. These parameters will be added to the model in the “unknown-parameters” subsystem. To further customize them, you can use the familiar node editor in the model interface.



Commands with substitutions

Often, when creating a command, the user does not know in advance the values that will need to be passed as parameters, or these values may change from time to time. To create a parameter whose value can be specified directly when sending a command, you must declare it in curly braces when creating a command in the model {{param_name}}.


We also remind you of the ability to transfer the current device parameters to the command text. To do this, it is enough to specify object.state in curly braces and, after the period, specify the parameter ID from the model (for example, {{object.state.temperature}}). When sending the command, the value of this parameter from the log will be substituted.



Navigation through handler errors

Now in the history of packages you can see errors that occurred during the work of handlers. The text of the error helps to understand the reason for its occurrence, and when you click on the error, a handler opens on the line that caused this error.


Handler work status

Added “No parameters selected” status for the running handler. This status indicates that it is required to correlate the input and output parameters of the handler with the corresponding nodes of the model for the handler to work correctly.



The “and/or” setting determines how the activated filters will interact. In addition, you can add the ability to include parameters of different devices in the conditions of one transition of the machine and compare these parameters, including among themselves.


The minimap in the automatons interface has been moved to the lower right corner. Now you can minimize it, which helps when working on small screens. Above the map, added links to the models involved in this in the automaton.


Notable changes

A list of minor fixes and improvements based on feedback from our users:

  • added tabs between different levels of tokens and changed the display of colored elements in the interface for creating tokens;
  • fixed a number of problems when working with the model tree in drug & drop mode;
  • added the ability to remove the selected icon for parameters in the model (previously only image replacement was available);
  • loading packages in history – new packages are added immediately when viewing history;
  • now the selected color is displayed correctly for geofence markers;
  • fixed a bug when descriptions of transitions in automatons were generated with errors;
  • fixed problems with sending some parameters using bots (with the Wialon model), for example, it was not possible to send a speed equal to 0 through the bot interface;
  • fixed a bug due to which a manually filled Publish command from the automaton was not sent;
  • the display area of the window for selecting geofences in the group management of objects has been increased;

With every new release, we listen to your feedback. By combining your suggestions with our roadmap, we can continue to improve the platform while maintaining its ease of use.
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