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Rightech IoT Cloud Platform (RIC) is a cloud platform for developers and integrators of IoT solutions.

The RIC platform is an intermediate link between devices (sensors, actuators, etc.) on the one hand, and applications on the other.

Platform tools allow developers to create IoT solutions without extra code and developers reuse 90% of that solution to launch similar cases.

RIC is independent of specific equipment and protocols. So, it is easy to combine different devices under one solution.

The platform is positioned as an Application Enablement Platform (AEP), so it is an optimized middleware core that allows you to create a set of solutions for IoT clients.

The platform communicates with protocol devices and external API services. As a result, application developers and system integrators create their own IoT applications based on the platform for their clients.

Developers and integrators create business logic on the platform using high-level concepts without writing a code.

To access the Rightech IoT Cloud platform, no special software is required. It is enough to have access to the Internet through any browser.


Why Rightech IoT Cloud?

Any protocol

We help you to get rid of technological dependence. We create solutions based on devices with various data transfer protocols or connect new ones to existing devices without changing the software and logic of the solution.


You can connect any number of different devices or projects around the world to RIC and quickly scale your business.

Flexible business-logic

You can create any business logic in the integrated graphics editor and change it any time at your will. Without knowledge of programming languages.

Any integration

The platform allows you to integrate with any external services, ERP, CRM-systems, payment services, and third-party applications.


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