№1 Connecting MQTT device to RIC platform
  1. Signing up on the platform.
  2. Creation and formation of a model using the MQTT template.
  3. Creation and adding an object.
  4. Connecting MQTT device (example on MQTT mosquitto).
  5. Visualization of data in Rightech IoT Cloud platform.
№2 How to send data from DHT11 to the platform

Сonnect DHT11 with esp8266 and transfer data to RIC platform:

  1. Configuring Arduino IDE.
  2. Setting up the Internet and MQTT client.
  3. Uploading the sketch to esp8266.
  4. Checking the display of data in Rightech IoT Cloud platform.
№3 How to control the light via the platform using esp8266

Create a prototype of a device that controls light on the example of esp8266 and the LED:

  1. Configuring the model in the platform. Setting up commands.
  2. An example of a layout and uploading a sketch through the Arduino IDE.
  3. LED control via Rightech IoT Cloud platform.
№4 How to create your own smart home script

Creation of logic of the device operation without programming:

  1. Creation of the automaton.
  2. Creation of the “Turn off”, “coldly”, “fine” and “hot” states.
  3. Creation of transitions between states. Defining transition events and conditions.
№5 Real-time data processing in RIC platform using the “Handler” tool

Based on the statements of temperature and humidity, we get effective temperature values:

  1. Creating a “handler”. Writing code in javascript (ES6).
  2. Selecting an object in the platform.
  3. Correlation of “handler” parameters and object parameters.
  4. Launching the “handler” and checking its status.
  5. Making corrections to the automatons and restarting in the platform.
№6 Smart light in 7 minutes

Implement a smart network that will turn on and off on schedule, and additionally turn on when there is low light in the room:

  1. Creating a model and an object in the platform.
  2. Assembling the layout and connecting it to the platform.
  3. Creation of a script 1, running and testing the script.
  4. Creation of a script 2, launching the second automaton in the platform.
№7 How to implement the interaction of multiple devices in one automation script

Create interaction of multiple objects using one automaton:

  1. Creating a model and an object for Zigbee devices.
  2. Connecting Zigbee sensor and the button.
  3. Implementing “turn on” and “turn off” events to the LED by pressing the Zigbee-button.
№8 Control the movement of the object in specified geofences with a bot

Control the movement of the object in the geofence. Create a bot for testing the automatic control of geofences.

  1. Creating a model and an object based on MQTT.
  2. Choosing a route for the object and starting a trip.
  3. Creation of a controlled geofence.
  4. Creation and launch of a script for controlling the location of an object in the geofence.
№9 How to access tools and data in the platform using the REST API

Generation of API token and integration with Rightech IoT Cloud platform:

  1. Setting up a token. Selection of available methods for its generation.
  2. Checking the token using Postman.
  3. Getting a list of objects. Get a data log.
  4. Send a command to the device. Getting a list of running automatons.

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