Connecting a device

Configuring the device

To connect the equipment to the platform, you need to use configurator program (for each type of equipment supplied by the equipment developers) or by other methods described in the instruction manual. equipment developers) or other methods described in the instruction manual of the equipment To connect the equipment to the platform it is necessary to specify the server address (host) and port:
  • address - dev.rightech.io (IP address;
  • port - according to the protocol of the equipment.

Data Transfer Protocols

Transmission and communication protocol is a system of rules that defines the the format of data exchange between different devices. A protocol specifies a uniform way of transmitting messages and handling errors during the interaction of the software. In other words, these are the rules by which IoT devices IoT devices communicate with each other.
Below is a list of implemented protocols open in the public version of the platform. If the protocol you need is not in the table, send a request to our e-mail address info@rightech.io
Protocol nameAddress to connectNotes
MQTT version 5.0 and below
https://mqtt.org/mqtt-specification/ (opens in a new tab)
Wialon IPSdev.rightech.io:20332/TCP
Wialon IPS version 2.0
Galileoskydev.rightech.io:20268/TCPhttp://base.galileosky.com/articles/#!docs-publication/manuals (opens in a new tab)
Codec 8, Codec 8 Extended, Codec 16, and Codec 13
Navtelecom (Flex)dev.rightech.io:21400/TCP
Navtelecom version 6.0
Regional parameters EU868 and RU864
CoAPdev.rightech.io:5683/UDPhttps://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc7252 (opens in a new tab)
LwM2Mdev.rightech.io:5683/UDPhttps://openmobilealliance.org/release/LightweightM2M/V1_2-20201110-A/OMA-TS-LightweightM2M_Core-V1_2-20201110-A.pdf (opens in a new tab)
WebSocketws://ws.dev.rightech.io wss://ws.dev.rightech.iohttps://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc6455 (opens in a new tab)
On Demand
Autophone-http://www.autofon.ru/ (opens in a new tab)
Starline-https://www.starline.ru/ (opens in a new tab)
OKAI-https://okai.co/ (opens in a new tab)
Omnilock-https://www.smartlockssupplier.com/ru/products.htm (opens in a new tab)
Concox-https://www.iconcox.com/ (opens in a new tab)
Queclink-https://www.queclink.com/ (opens in a new tab)
Gate8000-http://www.skd-gate.ru/produkty/gate/apparatnaya_chast/gate-8000/ (opens in a new tab)
DiWo-https://diwo.tech/ (opens in a new tab)



  • Persistent Session is not supported, whereby the MQTT broker stores messages sent to the client while the client was out of service;
  • Message Expiry Interval is not supported, in which the MQTT Broker saves messages sent to the client while the client was out of contact. The MQTT broker deletes a message if it has not been delivered within this time period;
  • Extended authorization (SCRAM-SHA-1, GS2-KRB5, etc.) is not supported;
  • Password can only be set in UTF-8 format;
  • A number of properties added in MQTT v5 are not used.


  • Not supported bootstrap server;
  • DTLS is not supported.