MQTT broker

Free and secure MQTT broker with support for MQTT v.3.1, v3.1.1 and v5.0. Test your IoT-ideas and create your own projects on Rightech IoT Cloud platform.


Using a convenient and intuitive interface, you can quickly connect your MQTT devices and start managing them.

Rightech user works in his own account. Your account doesn’t overlap with the spaces of other users. Convenient, isn’t it?


Sending messages

You will be able to send messages to specific devices directly from the platform interface. Create, manage and schedule your own scripts without programming the device.


TLS/SSL x.509

You can be sure that your data is protected. The Rightech IoT Cloud based MQTT broker generates an x.509 certificate to secure your devices.


Other platform features

Don’t limit yourself. Connect MQTT devices, create various device scripts, define the logic of behavior and interaction of your objects.

Use the platform REST API for integration with external systems.



Access information
MQTT TCPdev.rightech.io:1883
Secure MQTT(TLS)dev.rightech.io:8883

Getting started with an MQTT broker


To start working with an MQTT broker, you need to register on the platform. Your objects can exchange data using the pub / sub pattern only within one account. You get an MQTT broker with which you can create real projects.

Sigh up


The MQTT broker built into the platform doesn’t authorize unknown devices, so you need to create an object on the platform. When creating an object, its identifier will be used to recognize the device. The identifier must be unique and match the ClientId of the MQTT client.

Connect example