Release 2.29

Welcome screen updated

On the welcome screen you will find everything you need to get started with the platform: a tutorial video "How to create an object" and a "starter tour" of the main platform’s modules.


Added new settings in the widget editor in dashboards


Added a tooltip to display saves in object extensions

Added a tooltip and visual display if you make changes in object data. This update will help to see which extension needs to be changed when the field is not filled in or incorrectly filled in, in order to save it.


Disable the extension using the "Enabled" switch, If you don't want to make changes to the extension, but there is an urgent need to save latest changes.


Added possibility to copy object’s coordinates on the map

Easily copy object’s coordinates by pressing the "Copy" button. A tooltip "Copied" will appear, when the coordinates are copied successfully.


Added ability to copy handler webhook URL in object services

Added an icon and a link for copying, If the webhook URL is present. Also, an additional column with the webhook URL has been added to the Handlers.


More improvements