Digital staff

It helps minimize occupational injuries and improve working conditions at workplaces with dangerous production factors.

Where can be applied

Oil and gas industry

Injuries and accidents in the oil and gas industry are associated with high emergency situations caused by explosive atmospheres. The introduction of the “Digital Staff” allows you to control the location of the employee and the increased use of substances in the surrounding space. These measures can completely eliminate the unintentional entry of an employee into a danger zone and quickly evacuate personnel from areas of high concentration.
Oil and gas industry


At the construction sites of the country, about 400 accidents are recorded quarterly, including serious and fatal ones. With the help of modern sensors and communication devices, the organizer of work will easily establish the joint work of various teams on the site in such a way as to eliminate the risks of inconsistency of the actions performed.


The statistics of industrial accidents indicate that most of them can be eliminated with the help of the optimal organization of labor – restrictions on access to high-altitude work without special means, the prohibition of work in dangerous areas, and other measures. For industrial platforms, relevant means of preventing accidents can be: sensors for personal protective equipment or other devices, monitoring the entry of employees into dangerous areas, monitoring medical indicators, position, and slipping.

Effect of the implementation

In general, the effect of implementing the “digital staff” solution is difficult to underestimate. Access control in danger areas, monitoring the medical evidence of an employee, monitoring the availability of personal protective equipment – all this without the participation of support staff: security, medical personnel and technical safety specialists. On the one hand, we preserve the lives and health of our workers, and on the other, we reduce the resources that ensure their safety.

On the one hand, we preserve the lives and health of our workers, and on the other, we reduce the resources that ensure their safety.

The speed of decision-making is a key factor affecting the safety of people in case of any emergency. There are no competitors for computerized systems. The right decision will be made instantly. Besides, the “digital staff” can’t make mistakes when making decisions – this way we exclude the human factor.

Implemented case

In order to evaluate the solution on the real production we have implemented a pilot project on the territory of the Refinery «Gazpromneft», located in the harsh conditions of the north part of the country. The harsh working conditions were additional «test of strength» for our system.

Having made an analysis of market trends and customer requirements, our partners – company «Goodwin» – has developed a system of industrial radiocommunication with functions of monitoring of staff and occupational Safety and Health. The system is based on proprietary equipment and is manufactured in Russia.

Ten employees were selected for piloting, from whom we controlled the location, including in buildings by floors and in the street; gasoline and ambient temperature, alcohol in the exhaled air, control of slippage, Plus the beacons on personal protective equipment – says our specialist Sergey Ryzhov.

The Requisitioner’s Commission was fully satisfied and recognized the system as effective. The accuracy of the determination is very high, despite the fact that the project area is quite large. I would especially like to note that we spent less than a month on the implementation of this case, participating in a small force of five people, including partners.

Key features of Rightstaff

Real-time monitoring of the employee’s position on a map, on a plan of rooms or floors

Monitoring the position of the employee – falling, slipping

Monitoring the availability of personal protective equipment and portable equipment

Warning of an employee about approaching a danger zone or about the occurrence of circumstances that could affect on health

Automatically track health deviations

Identification of dangerous gases

Recording of violations of labour discipline

Operational alerts about the intersection of set boundaries by an employee

Operational reports from an employee about processes that affect on staff safety

Work with panic button and alarm

Central emergency alerts for staff

Determination of alcohol in exhaled air

Besides, Rightstaff allows you to simultaneously solve additional tasks for the organization of production processes:

  • Provide instant communication between different working groups in the enterprise.
  • Control the available resources in the enterprise for optimal distribution of tasks.