Rightech IoT Cloud Cases

- Equipment monitoring - Storage and delivery monitoring - Environmental monitoring - Staff monitoring - Transportation monitoring - Sharing - Smart home

Equipment monitoring

The Rightech IoT Cloud platform and solutions based on it cover various areas of production process automation and control, including integration with business intelligence systems

Coffee equipment monitoring


Conveyor line monitoring


Refrigeration equipment monitoring


Potential cases

With Rightech's equipment monitoring, you can:

Rightech team can realize monitoring of any equipment both in production and in other areas, as well as control of individual stages of equipment operation.

Ideas: equipment wear control, automatic switching on/off of equipment.

Storage and delivery monitoring

Controlling storage and transportation conditions can significantly increase product shelf life as well as reduce personnel costs.


Potential cases

With Rightech's storage and transportation monitoring you can:

Rightech team can implement monitoring of storage and transportation of any products. Monitoring is an opportunity to reduce costs both in agriculture, transportation and logistics.

Ideas: monitoring products in the warehouse, monitoring products in trucking.

Environmental monitoring

Control of air pollution in hazardous industries, monitoring of working conditions of employees, control of greenhouses in the agricultural sector.

Vineyard monitoring


Potential cases

With Rightech environmental monitoring you will be able to:

Rightech team can implement environmental monitoring. Monitoring is an opportunity to keep yourself and your employees safe, reduce costs when growing produce in greenhouses or in storage in warehouses.

Ideas: temperature control in greenhouse and warehouse, air pollution control at hazardous production facilities, monitoring working conditions of employees at production facilities.

Staff monitoring

Telemedicine and remote monitoring of patients, monitoring of employees at work: reducing injuries and increasing productivity, monitoring of drivers: reducing costs, controlling driving style, reducing fines, monitoring of children.

Staff monitoring at enterprise


Potential cases

With Rightech's staff monitoring you will be able to:

The Rightech team can implement a variety of human monitoring solutions for both industrial and healthcare environments, as well as for private use.

Ideas: telemedicine, monitoring the condition of people requiring care (elderly relatives, nursing homes, residential homes for people with disabilities), monitoring the movement of children.

Transportation monitoring

Solutions for transportation and logistics management: complete control of the transportation fleet, cost reduction, data collection and storage to make prompt and accurate decisions.

Transportation monitoring


Potential cases

With Rightech's vehicle monitoring, you can:

Rightech team can implement various transportation monitoring solutions.

Ideas: monitoring of municipal transportation, monitoring of couriers in delivery service, monitoring of cargo transportation.


Solutions for setting up a scooter, auto, apartment, stroller and other items and equipment shering business.

Scooter sharing


Potential cases

With sharing from Rightech you will be able to:

Rightech team helps you to open a sharing business with a comfortable budget in any city.

Ideas: wheelchair sharing at the mall or airport, sharing powerbanks at coffee shops, sharing apartments.

Smart home

Comprehensive automation of municipal buildings and facilities, including control of electricity, climate, lighting, fire safety, and access restriction.


Potential cases

With Rightech's Smart Home solution you will be able to:

** Rightech team helps to create comfort and safety in residential complexes and municipal premises.**

Ideas: monitoring and transmission of utility meter readings, smart lighting, smart maintenance of the adjacent territory, security system and limited access to the territory, smart residential complex.

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