The Commands section displays all commands that can be sent to the device to execute them. After selecting the desired command, press the Execute and the command will be sent to the device. The execution status of the command with requested data (if the command provides a specific response) will be displayed in the same window in the empty part of the workspace below the commands. If the command is formed incorrectly, the command execution time has expired or the device has has switched off, the corresponding error text will be indicated in the execution status.
In addition to the commands you have created, there is one basic command present in in all models is Disconnect. It allows you to forcibly to forcibly disconnect from the device. Once this command is sent, the target will go offline until the device reconnects.
The rest of the basic commands are protocol-specific command patterns. For example, in the case of MQTT, there is a basic command Publish, when you click on it, a form will appear to fill in the command parameters. a form will appear to fill in the command parameters.