Problem: Suppose you have a sensor that transmits room illumination data via CoAP protocol. In the package, the illumination information is in the sensor/luminosity path.
To connect the sensor to the platform, create a CoAP model for it.
There are several parameters in the template model. Create the necessary parameter for illumination, and delete all unnecessary parameters.
View a preview of the object with the model you created by clicking the Show preview.


Create an object for your sensor. Select the model you just created. Then enter the identifier that is used in the URL when sending packets. Specify a name for the object.
Once saved, the instructions for configuring the device to the platform will open.


To connect the sensor to the platform, send a POST request to the following URL:
Verify that data from the device is sent and displayed in the interface.
Tip: You can hide parameters that have not yet received data by turning off Inactive Parameters.