Error handling in the automaton editor

The model and automaton entities are closely related, but there may be a situation where they do not match. mismatch. For example, when a model is edited after an automaton has been created or when when trying to use one automaton with different models. The same problem can occur when importing automaton from third-party sources. The errors arising errors that occur in this case lead to the fact that the executable automaton may contain parameters, events and commands that do not exist. parameters, events and commands that are not present in the device model. Accordingly, when executing such an automaton, these parameters do not participate in checking the conditions, events do not cause a transition, and commands are not sent. In order to pay attention to such a problem, there is additional information in the automaton interface about the errors that occur. Hover over the exclamation mark to find out what the problem is. is the problem.
An automaton with errors can be saved and run, but in this case there is no guarantee of correct execution of the automaton, so pay attention to the logs of the launched automaton. automaton.