• Where can I see examples of automata?
  1. On the Youtube channel (opens in a new tab) there are several examples of creating different scenarios. examples of creating different scenarios. For a more detailed description process you can study the webinar recordings.
  2. On GitHub (opens in a new tab) hosts case studies that can be imported into your project in the platform. platform.
Also, when creating a model in the platform, you can choose one of the starter sets. These include a model, an object, an automaton and a handler.
  • How do I create a multi-device interaction scenario within a single scenario?
When creating an automaton, you can add multiple models. In this case, objects with these models will be able to interact within a single automation scenario. In the automaton editor, you will define for the object with which model will perform an action or check the value of a parameter. Example of such a automaton (opens in a new tab) you can find in our GitHub repository. In this case we have implemented a scenario LED on one device turns on and off depending on the button pressed on the other device. on the other.
  • Can I send the current value of the object parameters in the automaton messages? of the automaton?
Yes, use syntax with curly braces to access the parameters of object {{object.<...>.id_of_parameter}}, where
  • <...> - nesting subsystems, in which the parameter is located, are specified with a dot;
  • id_of_parameter - identifier of the parameter.
Available for use parameters can be viewed by API link object.