Project Creation

To create a new project, go to the Project Management menu by clicking the Project Management button in the project list.
Add a project by clicking on the Create button. Fill in the following fields:
  • name - project name;
  • description - detailed description of the project, to be filled in if necessary. if necessary.
If desired, add a logo picture for the project.
Choose a rate:
  • FREE - free tariff to familiarize yourself with the platform features and realization of simple cases. You can create only two free projects. When this limit is exhausted, when creating a new project, the FREE tariff will change to the BASE tariff. will change to BASE.
Parameters of a project with a free license
Limit TypeValue
Number of models10
Number of objects10
Number of machines20
Number of handlers10
Number of geofences10
Number of dispensers added to an object2
Number of handlers added to the object1
Number of geofences added to the object6
Number of tokens5
Packet size4 Kbytes
Number of packets per day14400 (~10/minute)
Bandwidth3.13 megabits per second
Total storage size100 megabytes
  • BASE is a paid tariff for a small project, which appears if the number of free projects is exhausted. the number of free projects is exhausted, customizable depending on the selected number of objects;
  • PRO - paid project to scale the project using more number of entities, also customizable depending on the chosen number of entities;
  • CUSTOM is a paid project with an extended license, configurable individually for each parameter.
Click the Save button. Your new project will open in front of you.