A Model of an object of control is a formalized representation of a device, connected to the platform. The model describes the parameters that the device sends device and the control commands it can issue. Once Once created, the model can be used for both one and several objects, if they have the same set of readable data and functions. functions.
If you have three identical sensors transmitting temperature and humidity, you you only need to create one model, but three objects (for each device)
Model functions:
  • Raises the level of abstraction from the level of protocols and hardware implementation to human-understandable device functions, with which it is convenient to work without the need to understand the protocol. Data converted in this way is formed in JSON, which is familiar to most developers;
  • automatically renders the interface for visualizing data from the device;
  • is used to generate automation scripts and data handlers.
Model card
  1. model name
  2. model description
  3. pattern (data transfer protocol used)
  4. The number of objects with this model. Click on it to apply a filter to the list of objects with this model