Filters, sorting and grouping


In addition to searching, a configurable filter is available for the list of objects.
Filter presets are available by default:
  • Online - objects connected to the platform;
  • Offline - objects disconnected from the platform;
  • Tracked - objects for which the tracking mode is enabled (objects are assigned/centered on the map); Tracked - objects for which the following mode is enabled objects are assigned/centered to the map);
  • Warning - objects that have unread critical messages. messages.
The AND/OR setting determines how active filters interact with each other. filters interact with each other. In addition, you can create your own filter and save it for reuse.
When creating your own filter
  • Use specific entities to filter objects by a specific model, automaton, handler, or geofence;
  • Set conditions for specific parameters of an object.

Sorting and grouping

For a list of objects, sorting is provided by:
  • creation time;
  • update time;
  • name.
Double-click on the selected sorting type to change its direction.
The list of objects is grouped by:
  • models
  • group
Grouping by group is useful only if your project has nested subprojects.